We are in the middle of rebranding..
we are now called 40 weeks of blessings


40 Weeks of Blessings is focused on providing family oriented services. We will launch officially in 2020. Our new improved  services includes both online and offline classes.If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our new improved website. 

In the meantime do join our Trimester Conversation group on Facebook where we share issues pertinent to each trimester. If you have further queries then book a call with us. Do look us up on instagram too.There's much more to come!


Childbirth Courses

Choose among the different courses that suit your timetable,preference and budget. Choose between

1.Labour Support and Comfort Measures Course(POPULAR) .

Online classes

This is a new addition to our childbirth series. We understand that finding time to attend classes might seem difficult for you so we have come  up with online courses for the busy expectant couples. Each class covers important aspects of child birth preparation - from preconception tips to preparing for labour , eating well and postpartum.

1.Smart Eating: Pregnancy Nutrition course(online)

2.Smart Eating: Eating well for Gestational Diabetes(online)

3. Gut Health: A key to Smart Eating

Mums & Babes Classes

So you have given birth, so what's next? Meet up with like minded mums while picking up skills along the way.Join us in our monthly Trimester Conversations  Gatherings.


"My hypnobirthing class with Fauziah has changed my impression and fear of what birthing is really like forever. Her constant support and guidance helped me to get over my fear and feel empowered with the whole process especially towards the end. I'm proud to say that I went through my 9 hours of labour without use of epidural and conquered my fear just by hypnobirthing and fauziah's constant support. I highly recommend Fauziah if you are considering to hire her."


                                                                                   HypnoBirthing April 

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

If you are coming to this class thinking that you’ll only learn about infant massage, you’ll be disappointed BECAUSE you’ll be learning  SO MUCH more. One thing I’ve always loved about kak Fauziah’s class is that she will share and impart knowledge as best as she can and sometimes beyond the main topic. If you’re a new mother this class is definitely highly recommended because it will allow you an outlet and medium to bond with your child. Give you the tools, tips and massage points to try and heal your child naturally when he/she may be a bit unwell. I’ve always been worried that I wouldn’t understand my baby’s needs or what he is trying to communicate but through infant massage and the class as a whole, it gave me the confidence and empowerment in understanding my child better. Most importantly the class gave me encouragment, motivation and acknowledgement for my role as a mother. To meet my own needs so that I can better meet my child’s needs. Thank you for all the knowledge and care that you have imparted throughout this class


Embracing Motherhood through Infant Massage 2018


Upcoming course and packages

2020 ONLINE and Bundled Courses 

1. Trimester Conversations Live Fb classes 

70k in 7 days Birth walks and Monthly Mummy Gatherings

Gatherings for the whole family