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Childbirth Fear Release Workshop
(The Calm Within the Storm Series)

The birth process, fear and losing control 
Labour requires strength, stamina and  flexibility. But the work is not just on the physical aspects, as women birth their babies, they are journeying through a life changing rite of passage into motherhood. At this time a woman is at her most powerful, and her most vulnerable. Fear is a normal part of birth. It is normal to fear for yourself and your baby. It is normal to fear the changes that will come when this new person enters your life. It is normal to fear how you will cope/are coping with the enormous physiological changes and sensations in your body.

Acknowledging fear
Many childbirth preparation programs aim to give women skills and techniques to control their fear (and behaviour) however in these series of classes the women are taught  techniques that allows them to acknowledge those fears and come to terms with them. Rather than trying to eliminate fear, it seems more helpful to acknowledge it is part of birth (for most) and to embrace it. How well its being  resolved depends on the individuals.

What will you learn:
You  will learn to work through your fears surrounding childbirth and to discover your inner strengths, resources and instincts that you can use to help you achieve a positive birth.
It includes:
  • Breathing techniques
  • Affirmations
  • Guided imagery/visualisations
  • EFT 
  • Self -hypnosis
 At the end of this workshop series, you 'll be invited to the  postpartum support group  where you'll meet other like minded mums .

How many sessions?
4 sessions in all. 

How long are each sessions?
Each  exciting session is 2 hours.

How much  is the series?
Donation base