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The  Doula  Support Package  gives you the most comprehensive support through all the unknowns of having a baby.

It includes:

Antenatal visit/s: you and your partner meet with your doula  in your home or the doula’s place(depending on the package) to discuss what you want your birth to be like, what you want your doula's role to be, and discuss options for your birth plan. If your partner will not be at the birth, these visits may be just for you and your doula 

Support during pregnancy: telephone and email support so you can ask questions and discuss concerns, starting as soon as you book your doula 

Labour and birth support: personal support for both you and your partner, from when you call us until your baby is born; this includes 24-hour on-call service from when you are 38 weeks pregnant until your baby is born, during which time we will be immediately contactable at any time of the day or night

Postnatal visits: for support, information, and breastfeeding assistance, either on the day after the baby's birth, or perhaps after you are settled back at home – whenever you prefer 

Complimentary Labour support and comfort measures class: 

where you and your spouse will be taught the techniques and skills to support you through labour and birth*(in a gp setting unless specified)Free refreshers until birth.(T&C)

Materials given: 

Handbook on preparing for pregnancy and labour(only for doula packages)

Complimentary sessions -Towards a natural childbirth' series(for all packages)

Massage oil(given during labour support  and comfort measures class)

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