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Group Hypnosis

Feeling lost and frustrated? Or are you a mum who has just given birth and struggling to cope with the new responsibilities. Or do you want to take charge of your life?

Our classes are meant to meet the different unique needs of new mums, postpartum mums, teens and kids with low self esteem .

Participants will learn relaxation and stress management strategies, alternative remedies, holistic skills and foster new friendships via our monthly group hypnosis class while you 're 'chilling' out. Each month has something different to offer has it covers different topics and skills.

The classes are set in a hypnotic setting, more like a meditation class , where participants will be guided into a state of relaxation through visualization, tapping and hypnosis among others.

Tackling different challenges while maintaining your centre.

A monthly class that aids in coping  and relaxation strategies to ease pain and anxiety of being a new mum.It also serves as a support system for new mums during her prenatal period. Basic childbirth  and babycare education  is included within each session so as to empower the mums and prepare them for a peaceful and natural birth (where possible).


Postpartum Mums

The calm within the storm...


Postpartum period is the most challenging period for any mothers. This class serves to provide mums with relaxation techniques via group hypnosis while empowering them with parenting skills. Classes includes basic lactation support, baby care (basic infant massage), basic nutrition and parent craft. Classes are conducted monthly so as to provide grounds for more practice and 'troubleshooting'.



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7 PATH self-hypnosis

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Holiday workshop

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