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Embracing Motherhood through Infant Massage Class


"Connect with your children heart-heart. Touch them with your hands, your eyes and your heart. Let them bond with the living,the breathing world."                        

                                                                                                                                                                       - Vimala Mc Clure


Touch, the first sense to develop in utero and the only sense without which we cannot survive.Learn the art of infant massage forging the bonds of trust and security that are so important to their future development:

  • parents get to know their baby better and understand their verbal and non-                      verbal cues
  1. skin-skin contact causes the release of hormones which helps milk supply and                  stimulates breast-feeding
  • massaging helps parents to relax and respond to the needs of their baby                            appropriately 
  • communication through touch-a language that the baby can immediately                          understand


Would You Like To:

  • Form a strong bond of love and trust with your baby?
  • Help your baby sleep better and for longer?
  • Ease your baby’s wind (gas) and colic pain?
  • Relieve your baby’s constipation?
  • Stimulate your baby’s neurological development?
  • Improve your baby’s health and general well-being?
  • Learn to understand your baby’s body language and cues?
  • Attend a relaxing and friendly baby massage class?
  • Meet other parents with babies?

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Next Infant Massage

Venue: Blk 401, Admiralty link

Dates: 9,16,23,30 April 2019

Time: Tuesdays 10am-12.30pm 

Venue :Blk 401 Admiralty link (750401)

Investment: $100 for 4 classes 

Materials and oil: $15     

90% Proceeds goes to Care for Orphans.

Class size: 6 mums n babies        

Requirements: Infants age 0 months-1 year